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I would like to note that I will no longer collaborate with Musee Magazine. They are happy to receive free content (my bad), but have ignored all my attempts to contact them since publication in respect to their dreadful copy editing

Recently I was invited my Musée Magazine to write a few words about what triggered me to make my Horse Legs photo. I made the picture while running a workshop at The Photo Weekender

Here is what I wrote about the picture: Horse Legs by Polly Rusyn

I had been patiently waiting for some tourists to move away from these horses so that I could photograph them somehow, when I happened to look down and notice that one of the tourists (who was seemingly in my way) was wearing pink and reddish-magenta, and that the horses had their ankles wrapped in red! I immediately spotted the colour connection, and was also reminded of a famous photograph made by Elliot Erwitt entitled “Dogs Legs”, which is a photograph of the legs of a Great Dane dog next to human legs, and a small dog. His picture surprised and amused me as you do a double take before you see the joke, and it remains one of my favourite photos - so when faced with this combination of horses and human legs dressed in similar colours, and standing in a similar way, all I had to do was find the right angle to distribute them evenly in my frame. So it turned out that what I thought was an obstacle was actually an asset!

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