Best Seller - The Street Photography Playbook

Thrilled to bits that The Street Photography Playbook made it to the top of the charts of UK Amazon! The playbook is available in both printed and digital versions. 

It contains 44 ideas organised into 10 sections to inspire you to grab hold of your camera, stuff your Playbook into your camera bag and dash out of the door determined to get your version of the example photos that accompany each prompt inside the book. There’s no fancy language, just straight talk, and loads of inspiration for street photographers of any level.

Plus each idea is illustrated by photography - mostly shot on my favourite camera for street photography, the Fujifilm X100V

Article - PetaPIxel

My second article for PetaPixel! This time I wrote about: 6 Ethical Considerations When Doing Street Photography and wow, I got some haters! It’s incredible that the suggestion of an ethical practice would get people so riled up. I am a huge champion of street photography and admire the past masters. Today we live in a different time, and we need to adjust our practice a little, while still enjoying street photography. Which I want to last forever!

Book - Reclaim the Street

I’m well chuffed to have have an image featured in the newest street photography book on the block Reclaim the Street: Street Photography’s Moment by  Stephen McLaren and Matt Stuart (Published by Thames & Hudson). [Cover shot by Shin Noguchi]  

You can pre-order your very own copy right HERE (released in April 2023)

Books — The Photography Playbooks

After initially creating both The Street Photography Playbook (Ideas, Inspiration, and Insights to use as Challenges, Assignments, and Prompts) and The Photo Composition Playbook (Rules, Tools, and Hacks to use as Ideas, Guides, and Experiments) as digital resources, I’ve now published them as actual books made of paper and they are available on Amazon

Available worldwide (excluding Japan and Australia)

Zine — La Feria

I made my first Zine, ‘La Feria’, published it on Amazon and made the best seller list for a few hours beating Saul Leiter and Vivian Maier, who later rightfully took their places back! I also put together a checklist about how to publish a Zine using my method… Find out how to get hold of it HERE.

Speaker — Gothenburg Street Photo Festival (GSPF)

Well, that was a blast! I gave a talk at the Gothenburg Street Photo Festival (GSPF) called ‘The Importance of Ideas’ and it went down a treat. I was chuffed to bits with the response from the audience, and the whole weekend was so much fun meeting other street photographers, seeing Andres Peterson present his amazing body of work, and meeting my Swedish twin Malin Jochumsen. Of course I told everyone about the DoSP ;)

Feature - Bored Panda

I like to think of street photography as capturing a scene from the accidental theatre that is unfolding in front of me created by a cast of strangers going about their daily life. The star of the show could be an interesting character or it could simply be some curious light, inky shadows, geometric shapes, or bold colours.

I believe that street photographs are hanging out in the street just waiting to be seen, and it’s my job as a street photographer to see them, be quick enough to capture them, creative enough to compose them, and stealthy enough not to get “caught in the act” by the people I’m photographing.  I don’t was to disturb anyone who has become part of the puzzle I’m solving.

And with curious light, inky shadows and bold colours in mind I selected 30 street photos for Bored Panda… 

screen shot of bored panda website header

Speaker and Judge — Gothenburg Street Photography Festival

Yours truly will be at Scandinavia’s only street photography festival in September 2022 talking about street photography and judging the colour category of the competition! I’m super excited to be part of a great line-up of speakers and judges. So if you are passing through Gothenburg then drop in and say hi! Find out more, grab a ticket or enter the competition in the festival website.

The Street Photography Playbook

I created something that I wish I’d had access to when I started out as a street photographer! It’s called The Street Photography Playbook, and it is the ultimate digital guide to street photography ideas for street photographers… Check out all the intel over on my street photography courses, resources and workshops site — Department of Street Photography.

Book - The Travel Photographer’s Way

I am absolutely over the moon to have been invited to contribute to The Travel Photographer’s Way by the super talented travel writer and photographer, Nori Jemil, published by Bradt Travel Guides. I have been given “expert” status and have 3 double page spreads to show off! You can grab your very own copy right HERE

(Full disclosure: this post contains an affiliate link, which means I get a small commission, but you pay exactly the same as if you’d signed up directly) 

Feature - The 10 Best Documentary Photography Portfolio Examples of 2021 by Format

Thrilled to receive this news - I’ve often looked at the recommended portfolios that Format feature as they host my portfolio for me (yep, this one!), so I was thrilled to bits to be one of those portfolios. Check out all 10 HERE

And if you fancy building your portfolio with FORMAT then get started HERE 

(Full disclosure: this post contains an affiliate link, which means I get a small commission, but you pay exactly the same as if you’d signed up directly) 

Department of Street Photography

The pandemic made me realise that my street photography workshop business was vulnerable so I had to cook up some new ideas of how to share my knowledge and continue to be able to teach the thing I love. 

I had been sitting on the idea of a Playbook for street photographers for some time, but now there was actual time to make it come to life. 

And while I was at it I realised that a rebrand was needed — The Photo Weekender, my previous street photography workshop brand, wouldn’t cover the digital products, and online courses I was plotting. So I created the Department of Street Photography — #dostreetphotography.

And I am super excited about it! Grab my free guide to becoming a fearless street photographer plus my #1 street photography hack.

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