Photoshoot FAQ

How many people can have a photoshoot?
Each photoshoot is for one person only, however please get in touch if you are hoping to include other people.
Is it okay for partner or friend to accompany me on the photoshoot?
Yes, although I usually find it's better to work 1:1 as you won't have to feel self conscious about your partner or friend. If you do want to bring someone along for moral support I ask that you let me know in advance.
How long is the photoshoot?
The sessions are from 30-150 minutes depending on which PACKAGE you choose.
What time does the photoshoot start?
We will agree that when we confirm the booking.
Where will the photoshoot take place?
The shoot will be outdoors or on location in London zones 1-2, we'll agree where when you book.
What if I need a shoot outside of zones 1-2?
There will be a supplement of £25 to pay.
What if it rains?

I'll keep an eye on the weather if we are shooting outdoors and if it's looking dodgy we'll reschedule the date before free of charge. If we get caught in the rain on the day, we'll improvise and find sheltered spots!
Do you provide hair and make-up services?
No, you can book that for yourself beforehand if you wish.
What should I wear?
Anything that are comfortable in and projects the image you want to project!
Can I get changed during the photoshoot?
Absolutely, there are public toilets that you will be able to change in or alternatively use accessories or coat changes to change your look. Please realise that the time it takes you to change is within the booked time slot for the shoot.
How soon will I get the photos after the shoot?
Usually 5-10 days (unless I advise you otherwise before you book)
How many photos will I have to choose from?
I will provide you with more than are included so that you have a choice. All will be edited and finished.
Can I buy extras?
Yes, at £15 per image.
Who owns the copyright of the images?
I retain all copyright of the photos and may use them on my website and social media to promote my business. I will not use them for “commercial use”, such as using your face to sell cat food, without your permission! You will have license to use the photos for personal use such as on your website, social media etc, but you are also restricted from using them for “commercial use” or altering them in some way.
Can I have the RAW files?
No, RAW files are the "ingredients" files - they contain all the digital information I need to create your photos, however they are not the finished product; and how I edit your photos is part of my artisitic identity. You will be presented with high resolution digital JPEG files.
Are there any terms and conditions?
Yes, you can read them HERE and you will be asked to read and sign a contract before booking.
How do I book?
Please enquire using the form below!

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