Weekender Workshop FAQ

How many people can attend the weekender workshop? 
The maximum number of participants is 14.
I have a non-photographer partner or friend, can they join me on the workshop?
Only paying registered participants can attend the workshop, and this includes any organised group meals during the weekend too.
What is a typical day like on a weekend workshop?
Day one starts after lunch; Day two starts at 10am (earlier starts are sometimes necessary), we break for a leisurely lunch together, continue shooting and typically the last shoot of the day will end in lazy drinks that lead to a group dinner (the shooting need never stop!). Day three ends after lunch. Breakfast is up to individuals to arrange each day.
How is the workshop organised?
Workshops involve a briefing and are focussed on creative composition and street photography themes; and aimed at challenging beginner to intermediate photographers, but all levels are welcome. You’ll have a lot of freedom to shoot to your own objectives whilst using the inspiration provided.
Do I get feedback on my work?
Yes, you will receive feedback on 10 of your best shots posted on the Meetup event page after you return once you have completed your self-critique as outlined.
Do I need to be an experienced photographer?
No, all levels are welcome.
What kind of camera do I need?
Anything that can record an image! Bring your smart phone if you don’t have anything else.
Can I book the workshop as a gift?
Yes, just let me know!
What happens if the weather is bad?
The itinerary will be amended as necessary, although there are great opportunities for shooting in bad weather (as long as it’s not too bad!)
How physically demanding is the workshop?
You’ll do a lot of walking so if you have mobility issues you may have to accept your limitations and miss out on some parts of the workshop, although not miss out on the projects. We can chat about this ahead of time if needs be.
Is any food or drink included?
No, you will need to arrange your own breakfasts, and I will book group lunches and dinners where I can, and you will pay for what you consume (no equal bill splitting in case you want to eat lobster and drink champagne!)
Is accommodation included?
No, in order to keep costs down and give you the freedom to choose the standard of your own accommodation you have to make your own arrangements - although I will give you an indication of what locations to book in so that meeting points are within walking distance.
Are flights included?
How do I book?
You head over to the Street Club page, become a member (if you are not already - it’s free!), find the Weekend Workshop you wish to attend and RSVP with a deposit. The balance will be payable by bank transfer. Full details of the workshop will be on the page too, and more provided once you book.
Are there any terms and conditions?
Yes, you can read them HERE
Any questions?
Please enquire using the form below.

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