"Photography for me is not only a means of creative expression, it is a problem solving game, and a kind of meditation that requires all my attention. I cannot get enough of making candid pictures out of an environment I have no control over other than how to frame a scene, and when to hit the shutter."

street photography. men in hats in traditional spanish dress behind body of horse at feria del caballo in jerez de la frontera, spain
street photography. silhouettes of spanish hats, horse looking into camera and woman in polkadot flamenco dress in seville on el did del rocio
street photography. woman wearing floral dress walks past floral fabric
street photography. legs of women in sunday best blue dresses with one woman with cigarette in hand
street photography. man jumping into river in porto
street photography. woman in red dress wearing a hat walking down a street with juxtaposition of umbrellas that look like wings
street photography. silhouette of man in spanish hat in front of horse and cart at feria del caballo in jerez de la frontera, spain
street travel documentary photography in tangier. group in colourful clothes walk down colourful steps in medina
street photography. clown standing in light pocket in shade outside building
street photography. red lanterns of chinatown in sunlight casting shadows on ground
street photography. woman in gold horns headdress at hackney carnival, london, england
street photography. plastic yellow chicken in the foreground and man with bald head in read in background
street travel documentary photography in tangier. women in hats catwalk through medina with strong light and shade
street photography. woman in mask surrounded my red and yellow construction
street photography. horses legs with red ankle ribbons and woman's legs in pick trousers and magenta shoes
street photography. group of tourists wearing pink at plaza de espana, seville, spain
street photography. legs of dancers in pink shoes dancing in unsynchronised way
street photography. legs in white trousers walking along bridge towards large wheel
street photography. reflection of woman in window
street photography diptych. misfits by polly rusyn. top half man in floral shirt and bottom half legs in beige trousers dancing
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