Hello! My name is Polly

I am a London based photographer. I have been freelancing for Hey Saturday, the award winning world's first dating photography agency, since 2016 and also take on commissions for a variety of interesting projects including a travel photography assignment to Japan. In addition I teach street photography at Street Club, London's best street photography Meetup group, where I organise and host regular afternoon mini workshops in London, days out around the UK and sell-out weekenders in Europe; I also create bespoke 1:1 workshops, as well as provide portfolio reviews and guidance for beginner photographers. My work has been published in several magazines, both on and offline, and has been exhibited internationally. Find out more on my NEWS page!

"It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera... they are made with the eye, heart and head."

Henri Cartier-Bresson (the godfather of street photography)

"I love photography so much it hurts!"

Polly Rusyn (me)

After a decade as a graphic designer I discovered the joy of travel, which was when I hit the road with my backpack. That led to six years of globetrotting until I settled into office life within the travel industry. Photography became a hobby that got out of hand... so back in the summer of 2015, I took a chance and switched my “out of office” on for good, and made my passion into my career! Today, and every day, I do what I love. I often dream about photography, and am growing a photo book collection endlessly inspired by the work of other photographers. I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting (and shooting) one of my photography heroes, Martin Parr! You'll also find me listed on a curated list of international women street photographers

BREAKING NEWS: I have been invited to exhibit at Street Sans Frontieres in Paris in May 2018 and am honoured to be part of the Judging team at the London Street Photography Festival in August 2018.

I am always on the look out for an interesting project. Let's work together! 

(Awesome Portrait Credit: Saskia Nelson)

Nice things people are saying


"If you're thinking about booking Polly, then you need to stop thinking and start booking. Dang! She is one of the best photographers and coolest people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She has been freelancing for Hey Saturday for over a year and in that time has worked with well over two hundred people creating stunning portraits and super happy clients for me. If you're looking for a talented, passionate photographer who also happens to be rock solid in terms of reliability and cool in terms of how personable she is, then you, my friend, need to look no further."

- Saskia is the head honcho of Hey Saturday for whom I freelance.


"Polly sets great assignments to stretch creativity in composition. The group is very welcoming. I immediately felt comfortable and am constantly amused with the timely banter. I leave with new insights into street photography and come mid week, feel myself itching to return. What a revelation!"

- Geri is a regular at Street Club.


"I love how Polly captured my personality and created exceptional value from a small-scale, limited budget outdoors shoot. Polly has a wonderful warm manner which puts you at ease at once and allows her to get straight to work. Polly's location choices fit the brief spot on and she made the most out of the light, textures and moods of the urban landscape. I'm looking forward to working with Polly again."

- Heli booked me to shoot new headshots for her website. 


"This was intense. I'm used to organizing my travels myself and I enjoy the freedom of choosing my own pace, so I was a bit reluctant to join a tour. Knowing Polly's meetups, though, I thought this one was definitely worth a try. And I was right. Wow. Polly, not only was the organisation absolutely perfect (including great places to eat), but you managed to take us through so many fascinating spots, and at every place providing photographic mini-projects. It feels like we dove deep into Lisboa even if we were only there for too-short a time. Congratulations for the perfect work and many, many thanks. It was great fun. Absolutely loved it.

- Pierre attended a weekend street photography workshop in Lisbon with Street Club. 

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